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Anthony Mondal

Come they from distant shores

To seek Justice and fortune in a foreign land

Driven often by economic poverty

And sometimes evicted by politics dirty.

Leaving behind their native land;

To start life anew, in the land of Freedom and opportunity.

Fall victim frequently they, to scheme and schemers

Some lose their minds and some reduced to paupers

With a lot of courage and hope in their heart

The fortunate few crosses  oceans and seas reaching at last!

Start  they from the lowest rung of the economical ladder

With great aspirations to climb up higher

Unsympathetically are they snubbed and harassed

By sons and daughters of former immigrants

Forget cautious citizens, of their perilous adventure

Sees them only as job competitor.

Watch also they from distance bitter

The wine dine and dancing of the society “proper”


Live they in huddles,

Scared to venture, beyond their limited circles

Often their hardship, reaps benefit later

As they sacrifice for generations future

In times of economic prosperity,

Forgotten are their labors, with great insincerity

But in times of economic crisis

Are made scapegoats, and sacrificial lambs of faulty policies


Tear swells up in Her eyes

As Maiden Liberty, helplessly watches

The grave injustice done, to her precious children’s.


So are we all immigrants on Planet Earth

Since our souls have origin, removed much afar from this materialistic earth.

Perceived only by senses fine and a feeling heart.

Anthony Mondal is a poet from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and will participate in the upcoming episode of UnApologetics. Here is a previously unpublished poem that he wrote some time ago when he lived in New York City.


Debut single from Bedroom Ceilings (aka Dean Chittenden), a Grand Rapids native like the rest of us. More of his music will be featured here until he grows too ashamed to be associated with us. We promise, it’s worth a listen or two.